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Dental x-ray

Advanced Dentist Services & Technology – Bellevue, Wa

Bringing Dentistry Into the Modern Age

When you have a dentist that cares about providing the best care possible, part of that means they should be willing to incorporate the right technology into their dental office. Dr. Lily and Dr. Vach make sure to add technology and learn techniques that only enhance your dental care experience further. Whether it’s through diagnostic, preventive, or restorative services, you can expect your next visit at Ideal Smiles Dental Care to feel truly modern.

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TMJ/TMD Treatment

Is your jaw experiencing chronic pain? Not sure why you keep waking up with headaches or migraines? It’s possible that your jaw’s joints are inflamed due to an untreated jaw disorder known as TMD. Our dental office not only provides splints to relieve pressure from your jaw, but also works with specialists to create a treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns. We’ll make sure that your treatment is fully personalized to you, so you can live your life free of discomfort.

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Intraoral Camera

Part of keeping patients engaged during every visit is providing detailed images of their current oral structures. With an intraoral camera, which is a small handheld device equipped with a tiny camera in the tip, we capture detailed images of your teeth, gums, throat and other essential oral structures for closer examination. Afterwards, these high-resolution images are displayed on a nearby monitor, so you can understand why we may recommend certain treatments moving forward.

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Digital X-rays

Capturing images of your underlying oral structures is essential for confirming the condition of your oral health, especially while it’s still developing. With Dexis digital X-ray technology, we can collect detailed radiographs of your bone and soft tissue and any teeth that may have not yet erupted. By using digital X-ray technology, we can perform X-rays in a matter of minutes and reduce radiation exposure by over 80 percent along the way! This ensures a safer diagnostic process for all patients.


Cavity Detection System

In order to stop cavities and tooth decay from causing damage to your tooth enamel, we need to catch them as early as possible. With the Cari-Vu early cavity detection system, we can easily catch minor fractures in teeth that are often invisible to the naked eye. Once discovered, we can begin building a treatment plan that prevents cavities from forming, helping you save money on restorative dentistry and maintain a healthy smile.

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