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Is Your Smile Ready for Summer?

Summer is upon us! There are so many fun things to do during the sunny season: it's time for barbecues, summer picnic, lake or beach day, enjoy outdoor activities with your loved ones. There will be many photo opportunities for you to capture the fun and special summer memories.

Do you want to smile confidently and freely? Are you ready to freshen up your look, and have a brighter and whiter smile? We have the perfect take-home teeth whitening kit for you.

At Ideal Smiles Bellevue, our dentists had taken the time to research and study many teeth whitening brands and products. While choosing between all of the available whitening products in the market, our Doctors look for safety, effectiveness, convenience, and the least amount of discomfort during whitening.

After much deliberation, we have chosen Opalescence Go™ Whitening Trays to be our favorite product that we most recommend to our patients.

We found Opalescence Go™ Whitening Trays are effective, safe for use often, and very easy to use. Most importantly, the whitening trays had shown professional strength teeth whitening results and produced the least amount of cold sensitivity during whitening.

No impression or molds are required, the innovative UltraFit whitening trays easily conform to any smiles and are ready to use right out of the box. Our patients enjoy the convenience of these take-home whitening kits and are very happy with the results.

If you are looking for a brighter smile for the Summer, we believe Opalescence Go™ Whitening Trays would be a perfect whitening solution for you! Start your whitening today, we offer Opalescence Go™ Teeth Whitening Trays in our office. Come visit us at Ideal Smiles Bellevue today for a consultation.

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